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Quality over quantity

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

We strive to offer things of high standard, that you can keep for a long time over producing in quantity and following fashion trends. But why does it matter?

This approach is more eco-friendly

Every object ever produced has a carbon footprint and uses precious ressources provided by the Earth. By producing little quantities, high-quality and timeless pieces we hopefully encourage a slower and lower consumption, reducing the strain on the environment.


In opposition to fast fashion which produces as fast as possible, at low prices and in low quality, slow fashion is made to be durable and long-lasting. In short, when you buy a slow fashion product you can expect it to serve you over many seasons and years.

If one day the item doesn't suit you anymore, you can pass it away to a friend or bring it to a second-hand shop, extending its life and making most of the ressources that have been used to produce the item.

It saves you money on the long-run

Even though slow fashion items usually have a higher price tag than those found in fast-fashion chain stores, you would still spend less money over the long run, as you’d buy fewer clothes that last longer.

Think of it like this: if you buy a poorly made t-shirt for 15 CHF and have to replace it every 6 months, after 5 years, you would have spent 150 CHF in total.

By purchasing directly a high-quality T-shirt costing around 60 CHF you not only save money but highly reduce your environmental impact.

It's more ethical

As mentioned before, fast-fashion is about producing quickly whilst reducing the costs to the maximum. This has a direct impact on garments workers that usually have to work extremely long hours in unsafe conditions. This business-model also encourages child labor.

On the contrary, for slow fashion brands, priority is put on fair, safe and healthy working conditions. Investments are made to keep the factories up to date and safe to work in, workers are paid a living wage, there is no forced or child labor as well as no excessive overtime. It is continuous work that happens to ensure that everyone on the supply chain is treated with dignity and respect.


There are many reasons to adopt the "quality over quantity" mindset and they drive us day by day at Atelier Blyss. If you are curious and want to have a look at the pieces we developed with this mindset, feel free to visit our shop.


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