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Our favorite coffee places

To work on Atelier Blyss, we often go to different coffee shops in different cities in Switzerland. If you are looking for a place to hang out and have a warm drink or to sit to work with your computer, you came to the right place!


Bern, Switzerland

Fun fact: one of our collection was almost entirely created there. Lovely coffee-bar and co-working space.

Effingerstrasse 10


Lucerne, Switzerland

Probably where Atelier Blyss was born. We were working from there almost every week when we were creating the foundations of the brand. Restaurant with delicous pizzas and a nice "working zone" to focus and work on projects.

Claridenstrasse 2



Lucerne, Switzerland

It was already one of our favorites spots for working when we were still students. Great for coffee, drinks and brunches.

Mythenstrasse 7


Zürich, Switzerland

Yes, this is a café with cats. Yes, you can play with them and pet them. Yes, it's the coolest thing ever.

Kehlhofstrasse 4

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