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Gift cards now available

GIFT CARD (1).png

Still looking for a Christmas gift idea? 

What about an e-gift card to offer your loved ones the freedom to choose? You will be delighting your friends or family and support a small business in the mean time, which are 10 extra good karma points, not bad right? 

And if you are the kind of person who shops last minute, you don't even have to worry, the gift card is valid and active right after your purchase, no waiting time necessary!

Our mission is to make sustainable fashion accessible and desirable and to inspire a more conscious and mindful approach to fashion and living. 

Designed in Switzerland, made in Portugal.

spain beach.jpg
spain beach.jpg

Sustainable fashion, inspired by the ocean, crafted with love.


"The whole collection, and how you design it, gives me a feeling of dreaming, being free and far away.... and all this in great quality, amazing colors and most of all sustainably and fairly produced. Thank you so much!"


"I was so thrilled when I received the pieces at home. They made me and my girlfriend really happy! The fast delivery is really nice. Thanks again and all the best for your project. See you soon!"


"Love seeing how this project is growing. I hope that other people will also be as inspired as I am from your vibe and values. The new collection is suuuuper nice and I love the way you created the pictures!"
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