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Welcome to THE DREAMERS CLUB – a collection crafted for those who dare to dream big.


This collection is a celebration of individuals who let their creativity flow freely, who plunge into the depths of their imagination, unafraid to explore the corners of their minds. It's dedicated to the creators, the makers, and the groundbreakers – the dreamers who shape their own reality.

Of course, they are ethically made in Portugal with certified, organic cotton. Sustainability always comes first for us :)

Much love,

Atelier Blyss

Worldwide shipping* - Free shipping in Switzerland for orders above CH 45.-

The MIDNIGHT hoodie

A cocoon of coziness, meticulously crafted from premium materials and an unparalleled quality and attention to detail. The oversized, contemporary fit, makes you feel like you're in your personal cozy, peaceful haven, making room for tranquility and style to coexist effortlessly.

It's no wonder our consumers rave about it ;) 

The T-shirts

Made from the softest fabric, our t-shirts redefine what comfort means. The touch is so gentle; you'll find yourself reaching for it day after day.

Designed for your ease, the comfortable fit ensures a relaxed feel, an invitation to live your best life, embracing every moment with confidence and inspiration. 


Try it for yourself now :)

atelier blyss-31.jpg


Sustainably produced in the north of Portugal in a small, vertically integrated factory. 

Made from the softest certified organic cotton.

Designed in Switzerland.

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